Introducing METAVIX to the Web3 space.

are adynamic experienced team of NFT artists, Developers and blockchain experts. We are ambitious, have no limits or end goal. We always innovate, we create & we launch. The strength of our work lies in our reliable production process, dedicated and professional team. In short, from ideation, planning to execution, our work will always stand out. is new to the NFT & CRYPTO space and we are here to

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Our Mission

  • We do Produce high quality and unique 2D/3D NFT collections for all NFTs lovers and collectors.
  • Attract and collaborate with highly talented Artists and turn their Art into Digital Art (NFTs).
  • Inject the WEB3 culture into our real world.
  • Launch an independent social platform to gather all NFT lovers, investors, collectors and creators under one roof.
  • Launch several real life projects with real use-case to benefit our community and ourselves.
  • Provide real ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI) projects & Passive Income solutions to our community.
  • Launch a METAVERSE project.

Our Vision

  • To be backed by a strong community of loyal supporters, investors and artists.
  • Onboard more people into the WEB3 space.
  • Take collaboration to the next level by introducing different sorts of Art to the NFT space.
  • We aim to contribute in the development of the NFT/CRYPTO space.
  • Connect the digital world with the real world in different ways.

Our Values


We believe that trust & transparency are paramount to cultivate relationships within our community.


We commit to the highest standards of risk management in all of our decisions & investments. We use modern tools to ensure we are operating in a safe and sustainable manner to ensure the safety of all investments.


We commit to high standards of professionalism, strategies and innovations seeking the most beneficial outcomes.


We believe innovation is the core reason for modern existence. Change is inevitable and in most cases, innovation creates positive change. Innovation is important to the advancement of our project and community.

For more details about who we are and our project, check our whitepapers and follow us on social media.

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METAVIX — Next In Metaverse | Awesome 2D & 3D NFT Drops | $MVX Token | Talent Management | More to come!

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METAVIX — Next In Metaverse | Awesome 2D & 3D NFT Drops | $MVX Token | Talent Management | More to come!